Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Do-Over...

...that's what I needed today. A "do-over!" I had one of those days where my focus was off, my body was tired, and I just felt disconnected from my life! While I was cooking dinner tonight, I was contemplating how I wish I could start this day completely over. I was just about to plunge into a GREAT BIG pity party; but, I stopped myself and decided to try something different. I'm going to make a list of all the wonderful things I experience today instead. So, here goes...
1. sweet potatoes...that's right, sweet potatoes! A vegetable that's sweet. The reason I do not care for most vegetables is that most vegetables cannot be baked into a casserole that ends up tasting like dessert! I enjoy the sweet potato very much and I especially enjoy them drizzled in olive oil and grilled to crisp perfection (which is how I ate them tonight!).
2. lunch with Leigh and Glory. Two of my favorite people in the whole world. They both make me smile from the inside out. I love you guys!
3. an energetic, crazy, dedicated children's staff who stepped up to the plate to help make a couple of big summer events happen! They each make sacrifices every week because they know that investing in our kids is one of the most rewarding things in life! I love you guys, too!
4. My sweet, sweet friend who let me call and rant about my crappy day for at least thirty minutes...and told me she would keep her phone close by in case I wasn't finished!
5. The twenty extra minutes I had this morning that gave me time to FINALLY vaccuum my van...and it was AFTER I dropped the kids at school...which means it stayed clean for about 7 hours.
6. having such an awesome Daddy that losing him has left a tremendous void that occassionally causes me to have a really tough day. I know there are so many who can't say the same about their fathers. My Dad was an incredible father and man. I learned what it is to love without condition from him...and boy, did I really test his ability to do so a few times!
7. My kids. Who see me crying and stop what they are doing to give me a hug. They miss him too!
See there...I feel better already.


  1. stupid show!!!...love you too lee lee marie :D

  2. girl...i'm going to have to stop reading this blog! i tear up every time! you rock! :)