Friday, June 06, 2008

Flying Solo

Today was my first official solo children's ministry event...the GCrew Super Summer Celebration! It didn't take me long to realize that before the divorce, I was the big picture gal. Deneise was the details person. She made the lists with her big fancy pens while I dreamed up big events that seemed really easy to pull off in my head!

So, here I was on my solo mission. After planning out every detail I could possibly think of, I thought when I left work on Wednesday that everything was UNDER CONTROL. I'd have everything pulled together in a couple of hours on Friday morning and relax until time for the party.

Boy, was I wrong! Here are a few of the details I missed:
1. left hershey bars in the back of my van for 2 hours...yea, you know exactly what happened.
2. Forgot to put pop-ice in the freezer. Got 'em in at the last second...thankfully, the freezers at the church were fairly empty so they froze super fast!
3. THE BEST ONE OF ALL...I left the church around 11:00 to run through W-mart for a couple of last minute items that I didn't forget on my 7:00 am trip earlier but that I added when Jenny called to add to our party agenda!! So, I'm getting out of the car when I realize...errrr, I left my purse sitting on the floor of my office. Yep, I was gonna need that.

Needless to say, I got home later than planned, scarfed some lunch, and then began filling the the water grenades. As time to leave inched closer, I discovered the aforementioned pop-ice and chocolate "catastrophes" and began to panic just a touch.

When departure time finally arrived, I was strongly encouraging my children to GET IN THE VAN as i frantically gathered my camera, battery charger (because of course BOTH batteries were dead!), and the half-frozen pop ice. As I fell into the drivers seat and slammed the door closed with a sigh, I found a hand-scribbled note laying on the dash that said... "honk if ur stressed!!!" That made me laugh out loud! (thanks JP for the comic relief!!) I gave the horn a little honk, and we charged on!

Okay, so I missed a few minor details but all in all, it was a great night! The kids didn't want to leave! Which is a sign of a great party I think. Take a look at some of my favorite snapshots...


  1. Yugs, daw nabasahan ko naman ni sa iban nga blog?

  2. Considering the fact that it could be more accurate in giving informations.

  3. Ummm...I'm loving the comments Shellee! :)

  4. Do you have some new friends we don't know about??

  5. so it's weird seeing lexi with teeth...and this looked like super fun. Way to go shell...

  6. In response to "pcso lotto"...
    First of all, my name's not "yugs." As far as the daw nabashan ko naman ni sa iban nga blog...well, yes, they do let any blubbering idiot have a blog these days!

  7. and "lotto 649 numbers"...i agree, I hate when the informations I recieve is inaccurate...especially in regards to lotto numbers!

  8. i hear this was the BEST cm event ever! see, you should have gotten rid of me sooner!!

  9. uhhh...great pictures that did not bring back any PAIN whatsoever! it was a big day!