Thursday, July 10, 2008

Emily has inspired me...

...TO RUN! And, sadly, I could only go a little over a mile before the heaving drowned out the tunes and the vision began to blur! I typically choose walking over running; but, in my younger years, I was a bigtime runner. Back then, there was way less junk in da trunk...well, actually, there has never been WAY less but there was definitely less! Anyhoo, my sincerest apologies to anyone who happened upon me from behind. Let me just say, if it looked anything like it felt, it couldn't have been pretty!

I truthfully enjoy exercise and feel so much better when I move. So, I'm going to set a goal too (ala Emily). My goal is to MOVE at least 30 minutes per day at least 5 days a week for the rest of the summer.

In other news...I had to butterfly bandage a huge gash in Emma's knee tonight. She slipped on Pooky's spilled water bowl and landed right on my wrought iron veggie holder...I heard her wailing over the vacuum cleaner. Anyhoo, the cute part of the story is...when I had Emma in my bathroom cleaning and red-neck stitching the wound (A special thanks to Shane for rushing over some butterfly bandages), Glory was in there with us looking up at Emma saying (in the cutest voice ever) "y'okay? y'okay, Emma? y'okay?" She must have said it fifty times. Emma was still wailing so she didn't answer. Glory just kept on asking!

I'm happy to report that the "stiches" are holding and Emma is able to walk although she had me call Shannon several times to see if we could borrow Meagan's "crunches." I had no success in obtaining the crunches but she's re-learning to walk with a little physical therapy from Abbee (who fixed Emma a sippy cup so that she wouldn't have to sit up to drink while she was recovering...thoughtful girl that Abbee!).

After the run, I may be the one in need of crunches tomorrow...and I'm not talking about for my belly flab (that's another post entirely!). So thanks, Emily, for the inspiration and Shane for saving us an ER copay. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


  1. Yay! And good for you! I think we could start our own little running club now. :)

    I think a movie about the inner dialogue people have with themselves while they are attempting to run would be hilarious!

  2. maybe i could be the water girl for your running club!