Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Best Lain Plans...

So as I mentioned before, my good friend Emily has inspired me to get moving. What I didn't mention is that she also inspired me to purchase a handy-dandy nike+ ipod gadget that tracks my workouts (distance, time, calories, fastest mile, etc.) and also allows me to challenge and be challenged by other owners of such gadgets!

I'm a sucker for anything that motivates my workouts...even I ordered the gadget and it was delivered on Tuesday (along with a couple of other "have to have to be completely set" items). What I didn't purchase was the handy-dandy Nike shoes made especially for the handy-dandy gadget complete with a carved out spot in the sole to place aforementioned gadget. I can't wear Nikes too well...they hurt my feet...but, Emily told me I didn't have to have the Nike shoes. (Yay!)

I could not wait to get started so first thing Wednesday morning, I got up, read the instructions and place the "gadget" in my New Balance shoes right under my orthotic inserts! It only felt slightly like a rock in my shoe, but I was determined to make it happen! And happen it did...3.31 miles.

Later that day, when I told Emily where I put the sensor gadget for my run, she laughed out loud! And then told me I could just put it under my laces on the top of my shoe.

So this morning, I was up again bright and early and being slightly sore, I decided to go a mere 2 miles and then walk another at the end. I tightened the laces down nice and tight on my gadget, turned on my newly made running playlist, and was ready to go! It was a beautiful morning and so I took off (in a new direction because I no longer needed to stick to my pre-measured route!) in great spirits ready to conquer the run. I ran all throughout Westpoint and ended up at the park. I knew the sidewalk was mile marked so I thought I'd run through and just check my new little gadget for accuracy.

When I hit the half mile marker, my ipod read 1.51 miles. So, I kept jogging knowing that my goal of two miles was just a few minutes away! (Little did I know I had already run over 2 miles and my gadget was not working properly but that's another post!). Anyway, as I crossed the 3/4 mile marker, I glanced at my ipod and to my surprise it read 1.51 miles! AARRRGGGHHHH!

I ran a few more steps and then heard the gadget voice say, "motion not detected, press menu to end workout." WHAT? I look down at my shoe and MY GADGET WAS MISSING!!! Double AAARRRGGGGHHHH!! I was brand new super cool gadget gone.

I spent the next hour searching the park for my gadget but to no avail. I ducked my head, turned on some sappy depressing cool down music, and headed to the house. When I got home, I woke the kids, fed them, and took them back to the park to help me look.

Long story longer...after another 45 or so minutes of searching Jordan yells, "FOUND IT!" and runs to me holding my precious new gadget high in the air! WHOOP! I was so excited, I took the kids to McDonalds for some celebration milkshakes!

So, I put in a little over two miles today for a combined total of just under six miles. My hams, quads, and calves are KILLING ME! But, it feels great to be running again. As for Emily and her great tip for gadget placement, I forgive her! Especially since I found it! It sounded like such a great plan too! So now, I just need to find a new placement of my gadget and I'm back in bizz! And, don't worry, I will not make you read about my running anymore!


  1. I feel TERRIBLE about this! Thanks for your forgiveness, I'm really sorry that happened. I told you, nothing I ever say works out like it's supposed to! Remember the cold showers at camp! And, in my defense, that was MY idea - I read it on the internet! :)

  2. ooops, I meant to say it WASN'T my idea!

  3. I have to tell you that I checked my little gadget in my shoe approximately 539 times during my run last night!! I was so scared I was going to lose it and it was dark - I knew I'd never find it!!

  4. I can't believe they found it. That is awesome! :)