Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Greatest Friends Ever!

About three weeks ago, my friend Jenny called and said, "We're going to celebrate your birthday August 1 so put it on your calendar." My birthday was in June but we were all busy and never got around to doing anything, so I agreed and never thought about it again...until Thursday. Jenny called again asking how late I was working on Friday. I told her I wasn't sure, it would depend on how much work I needed to do. She responded by telling me, "Well, we're leaving at five to celebrate your birthday so you need to be finished by then." (Until this point, I had forgotten all about my birthday celebration; but, being given this detail began to raise my suspicions just a little.)

So, yesterday morning, I get another call from my never-been-much-of-a-planner friend Jenny and am told to dress for warm weather because we're going somewhere after dinner that's outside. (Suspicion meter hits level red!) I ask her where exactly that might be (because I had spent the entire day before outside and sweaty and I wasn't sure that I wanted to do it again for my birthday...and it was MY birthday after all and Jenny was being unusually BOSSY!) and she would not give me a straight answer!

SO...I do what any rational person would do in this situation...I googled "fort worth events august 1." And I got NOTHING. But, I didn't stop there. I decided to google "dallas events august 1" and low and behold first on the list: JOHN MAYER IN CONCERT AUGUST 1!

I got giddy excited about this being the possible birthday surprise but I needed more details before I got my hopes up too high. I surfed around a little more and discovered that he was playing at the center (AN OUTDOOR AMPHITHEATER) on August 1 in Dallas. I couldn't stand it so I sent a text to Jenny saying, "just tell me now we are going to mayer so i can just die!" To which she replies, "where's mayer and what do you do there?" WHATEVER! So, I banter back and forth in a futile effort to get Jenny to admit it knowing that at this point I'm screwed if it isn't Mayer because anything else we do is going to be utterly disappointing!

Leigh happens to call and I see my opportunity to corner an unsuspecting victim...I answer the phone like this: So we're going to Mayer tonight? That totally explains why you weren't upset that James was going with Danny and not you. DRAMATIC PAUSE. Leigh replies, "UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHH, what are you talking about? I don't even like John Mayer." I press harder. "Yeah, but you love Colbie Callat...Don't lie to me. I just talked to Jenny." Leigh continues to play dumb while trying desperately to change the subject.

At this point, I'm fairly certain I'm right but so far I can't get anyone to cave. So, I do what any smart detective would do. I call Deneise! (What I didn't know at this point was that Jenny had already sent out a text message to everyone warning them not to answer their phones because I was getting suspicious!) So, no answer.

Jenny calls with a final attempt to convince me I'm wrong. I was pretty sure she had had some coaching from Matt because she was now calm and adamant that we were not going to the Mayer concert and she was sorry she hadn't thought of that.

I decide to lay low for awhile and let Jenny settle down because I had rattled her pretty good and on the ever so slight chance that I was wrong, I had just totally ruined whatever Jenny had up her sleeve!

So, 5:00 rolls around, everyone shows up at Jenny's house, I'm given a light up wand, tiara, and some jewels and a gift...I play along thinking I'm going to have to muster every bit of fake excitement I can if this in not Mayer tickets in this bag! So, I take my time before ripping into the envelope which would prove me...RIGHT!!! JOHN MAYER CONCERT TICKETS!!!! WHOOP! I knew it!

I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER! Several of them do not even appreciate John Mayer like I do and they went with me to an OUTDOOR CONCERT IN AUGUST that started an hour late to listen to one of my all time favorite musicians. It was the best birthday surprise ever! Mayer was awesome and the company was even better! We shared loads of laughs and even taught Deneise a few new dance moves!

So thanks to all my fantastic friends for thinking of me and planning such a super surprise! I really am so blessed to have everyone of you as my friend...YOU ARE THE BEST!


  1. You, my friend, are a HORRIBLE surprisee!

  2. Oops...I wasn't finished! did i misspell it surprize??? umm...o put entirely too much effort into this great mystery! However, the night was fantastic! And while I'm still not a huge fan of his music, I certainly do appreciate a topless concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3.'re the best!! i'm still jacked i'm not the weakest link!!