Saturday, August 02, 2008

More Flags, More Fun...

On Thursday, the kids and I went (with our good friends the McKees) to Six Flags for a day of thrills and excitement mixed with a little sunshine and sweat! I must admit that I WAS NOT looking forward to it at all. I was secretly dreading being hot and clammy all day while walking and walking and walking to wait and wait and wait! However, let the record show that we had a FANTASTIC time!
We opened the park at 10:30 with our first priority being to secure Demi Lavato tickets (check!), then it was off to ride! After an hour or two of riding, I asked the kids if they were ready to go to van and eat the picnic lunch I had packed...they were not! (I was starving, but I couldn't change their minds!) So we rode some more! It was 4:30 when they finally decided they were hungry! (If we had been at home, they would have been asking for a snack every 15 minutes!!)

The highlight for Jordan and Emma was the Demi Lavato concert! I got a nice picture of idollatry as I watched my daughters scream and wave furiously at someone they have never met, but totally want to be like! At one point, Emma looked over at me and said, "I really wish I could just touch her hand!" Jordan kept yelling, "I love you, Demi!" I enjoyed watching them enjoy themselves so much, but it made me realize how easily my kids are drawn to the idols that are being marketed to them.

At the end of the night, it was time for the BIG RIDES! Sarah, Jordan, Preston, and I hit the Titan...and I thought I was going to puke! Then, we moved on to Batman. We were next in line to get on the ride when DEMI LAVATO was ushered in and took our spot right in the front of the ride. Jordan FREAKED OUT!! She was yelling her name and waving. The lady next to me looked at me and said, "Who's Demi Lavato?"

On the way home, Jordan and I had a great discussion about fame (she has decided she wants to be famous!) I'm pretty sure I didn't change her mind about it. She saw first hand the perks of being "famous" and she just wants everyone to love her and yell her name! Such a dreamer! Love that girl!

After a full day, I basically dragged the kids out of the park...they wanted to keep riding! They had so much fun and never complained about the heat or the walking. We saw our friend "Robin" as we exited the park and took one last picture for the road! More flags was definitely more fun for us!!

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