Thursday, September 18, 2008

I may have found the proof...

Remember when my friend Emily was lamenting about a supposed running contest she "won" but had no proof? Well, since the end of that alleged competition, I haven't been back to the Nikeplus website (which is where you log your miles and check your standing if, in fact, you are in an alleged challenge). I have ran several times since then but for some reason, I haven't logged any of my miles.

Anyway, today, I went for a light jog trying to cleanse the nasal passages and earn some credit in the calories column and when I finished my run (that I really thought I was struggling through because I felt so stinkin' awful), Lance Armstrong told me "congratulaltions!" because, during the course of my run, I had run my fastest mile so far! "What? WOW!" (those were my thoughts in case you were wondering!)

So, I had to log on right away and sync up my miles so that I could see just how fast my fastest mile was! As I was browsing around checking out my fastest mile, my goals I had set, etc., I decided to take a peek into my trophy case! And there she was! A beautiful bright shining golden trophy with a nike swoosh right on the front! I couldn't believe my eyes!

I ran my cursor over the trophy to learn that I had run the most miles in 29 days...65.65 miles to be exact! And then, it hit me. If I was ever in an alleged challenge with a certain friend or two, then possibly, I have been awarded the trophy! The only problem was that IF I was in a running challenge somewhere between mid August to late August, then THAT challenge was supposed to last just over two weeks and IF I was in a challenge then when THAT challenge ended, my mileage was around 54-ish miles and IF I was in a challenge, THAT challenge may have found me finishing in second place by just over a mile...ish.

But, I have a shiny golden trophy with a Nike swoosh. And you can only get those by winning challenges. And perhaps the reason there is "no proof" of Emily's alleged victory is because I have said shiny golden trophy with a Nike swoosh in MY trophy case.

I'm just sayin'!


  1. Oh, the irony!!!

  2. Now, isn't that something! I just checked my trophy case, and surprise, it's STILL EMPTY!! Enjoy your virtual trophy-I know I'm going to enjoy all the cash! :)

  3. You're dreamin' BABY!!