Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm so conflicted...

I've always been a strong advocate of public education. I know there are people who feel extremely passionate about one side or the other. I'm not wanting to really get into all of that here. I have so many great friends who are public school teachers. But, here lately, I've been convicted more than ever that it may be time to educate my children at home.

I am increasingly shocked at the stories and vocabulary that my children come home repeating. And, on top of that, I see so many of middle school and high school kids who are just making horrible choices.

And, if the influence of the other kids wasn't enough to convince me of the need to do something drastic, when I found out that one of my kid's teachers (a supposedly Christian teacher at that) had influenced my kid to do something as horrific as THIS...

Seriously, what other choice do I have?

And, if you are wondering about the glasses...these two went with a friend to see the movie Bolt today!

Okay...I've gotta get back to packing! But, boy am I good at procrastination!


  1. Wow! You totally had me there for a second! :)

  2. why does emily think you are kidding?