Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Trip of a Lifetime

In case you were worried, we didn't decide to move to Hawaii. We've been home for a couple of weeks now! We did, however, have a fabulous time! The pictures don't begin to do justice to the beauty and breathtaking sights we saw, but I'll share a few of them anyway! This is the view from the plane leaving Oahu and heading to Molaka'i

This is definitely one of the prettiest beaches on the island (it's actually Hawaii's longest sandy beach). Unfortunately, it's apparently deadly riptide season there and this beach had warnings EVERYWHERE not to get into the water! Not to worry...the kids stood at the edge and waited for the biggest waves I have ever seen to crash onto shore!

This picture was taken from 1500 ft. elevation!! Within 20 minutes, you could go from the beach to the mountains!! And you could see the ocean from the huge sea cliffs! It was magnificent. I would just stand there and try and take it in.

This is JW after the first afternoon at the beach. He literally had sand from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes!

This is the beach where we snorkeled. It was covered with coral reefs and you could literally see tons of fish from about 3 ft. off shore! Wes took a pretty good gash to his knee on the last afternoon and you could see the blood just streaming from it! The rest of the trip he was fondly referred to as "Shark Bait!!"

And just a couple of more favorites...

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