Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Like Rain on Your Wedding Day...and Other Such Randomness

On Monday, I came home from work and went straight to my workout...a weight training DVD that I use 2-3 times a week. About mid-way through the workout (which I was doing in my bedroom using my laptop as a DVD player), I looked at the chest of drawers where the laptop sat and noticed my drink cup from lunch...WINGSTOP! I found it slightly ironic that I was working out while sipping on the remains of my tea from WingStop...which really should be called Fry Stop because their fries are phenomenal!

Then, I'm looking at a Children's Ministry magazine and notice this headline on the cover: "Keeping Life Simple: 18 simple steps to take when life gets crazy." Seriously? Call me crazy but 18 steps seems pretty complicated to me!

And finally, my favorite kid quote this week actually comes from a guest we had in our home this evening. First, a little history. There is one piece of silverware that has caused more tension and timeouts in our home than any other. It is an apparently very special Donald Duck fork that we "take turns" using every night. It is just THAT special.

Tonight, Emma helped set the table and knowing tomorrow is a special day for Abbee, she purposely set the "fork extraordinaire" in Abbee's usual spot. However, when Abbee and Parker came to the table, Abbee scooted down one seat and allowed Parker to have her spot. Parker immediately picks up the Donald Duck fork and says (quite loundly), "Ah, COOL! A DONALD DORK F***!" (I wish I had captured this moment on video because the best part was the expression on Parker's and Abbee's faces when they realized what he had inadvertantly said!) It was fun-ny! So very funny that I spewed my tea right out of my mouth!

Thankfully, Emma and her friend TOTALLY missed the whole thing and spent the rest of dinner trying to figure out what in the world I thought was so funny! I still chuckle just thinking about it!

So, what can one learn from all this randomness? Tricep pushups will probably not remove excess baggage in the "wing" area if I continue to eat the nutrition that is WingStop. Also, if it takes 18 steps to remove chaos, it is no wonder most people's lives are so chaotic! And finally, when using ANY word that ends in "-uck" in combination with other words that end in anything, SLOW DOWN!


  1. CLASSIC!!!

    And I do have to admire that you are at least attempting to work off the excess baggage you don't have in your "wing" area!!

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