Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweet Abigail Faith...

Today, my second born turned 10! I don't know that I've ever had a kid more excited about a birthday than Abbee was about this one...the big 1-0. She has told perfect strangers and pretty much everyone she knows that she was turning 10. And today, it finally happened!

We celebrated with a small family gathering that was loads of fun. I bought her ten small gifts in honor of her big day and hid them throughout the house. Each came with a note and a clue as to what she was getting and where it was located. She had a blast running throughout the house finding her presents.

We had some special guests at the par-tay...guess who took this one!

Sarah "wrapped" Abbee's gift from her in her jacket!

In honor of Abbee's big day, here are the top ten reasons why I LOvE my Abbee-girl:
10. She broke down in tears after telling me she didn't really like chocolate skittles(that was one of her gifts tonight and she felt horrible telling me because she knew I had bought them for her and she didn't want to hurt my feelings!). The girl is super tender hearted!
9. She loves being rowdy and crazy...if you don't believe it, check out the scars on her knees sometime!
8. She actually uses her manners...ALMOST always!
7. I get at least 5 good-night kisses EVERY night. (This may very well be a procrastination technique, but I still come out the winner!)
6. She says the word drawings like "drawlings!"
5. She told me she'd wear her down for her school picture if I really wanted her to! (I didn't make her because I want evidence of the way she INSISTED on wearing her thick gorgeous hair every single day!)
4. She just said, "I can't tell you how many times I just want to say thank you for tonight. Thank you. Thanks. Really. It was the best birthday I've ever had!" She has said "thank you" countless times tonight...and she means it!
3. She can work flatulant humor into almost EVERY conversation.
2. Her smile is absolutely contagious!

And the number one reason I love my Abbee-Girl...
She is a precious gift from God who fills everyday with unfathomable joy!

Here is the note that was with her last gift:
Gift #10...the best for last...cause that's how old you are!
You've grown so much, it's kinda sad;
But, you're our shining star!
So keep on shining bright and clear,
And laugh and dance and play!
And grow in grace and love for Christ more each and every day.
He made you with a special plan...a purpose just for you.
So seek Him first in all you do,

So, Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet girl! I hope 10 is everything you dreamed it would be!


  1. Happy Birthday Abbee!! She is definitely a very special kid!

    I can attest to her excitement towards this birthday, we have counted down the days with her during Campfire Time since last Monday! :)

  2. i love love love when you post the "secret" pictures i take of myself. Really...i love it.

    happy birthday my abbee you lots!

  3.'re a great great girl!! Hope you had an amazing b-day!!

  4. that abbee is one cool chick!