Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Apparently...I'm having some sort of mid-life crisis!

For starters, I asked Wes to get me this for Christmas...

My favorite chiropractor, Dr. Todd, has informed me several times over the last several months that running was not doing my back any favors. (He didn't have the heart to tell me that I'm much too heavy and old to run because the impact is destroying my skeletal system!) He suggested I bike (blah!) or do the elliptical machine. Obviously, I opted for the latter and my sweet sweet hubby bought me an industrial (size and strength) elliptical so that I could work out without being in extreme pain when I finished! I have used it everyday since and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! The only bummer is that my Nike+ ipod gadget doesn't work with it..so no fun competitions to keep me motivated.

Secondly...after years of taking a THERE IS NO WAY IN %$&* WE ARE HAVING AN INSIDE DOG stance, Wes and I drove over an hour (one way) today in order to bring this home for Christmas...

This was not a choice that came easily. I searched Craig's list, the paper, the local shelters and researched more dog breeds than I care to think about trying to find the PERFECT addition to our family and can I just say a non-barking, kid-friendly, easily house broken, first-time obedient, non-aggressive, non-nervous, low-maintenance, smell-free dog is pretty much IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND!! And, believe me, I looked! I even unwittingly took the kids to pick a pup from a litter of PIT BULLS thinking we were getting some beautiful mixed breed dog! (Don't judge me unless you know all of the dog breeds that are considered "pit bulls!") But, today, we finally made the decision. And, I think it was a GREAT one! This gorgeous boy is Max!!

P.S. Any and all housebreaking tips are welcome! He's already "made himself at home" if you know what I mean!


  1. 2 words: Crate Train!

    We crated our dog for the first year and it helps SO much! Here's the short of it... and if you want the long, just let me know!

    Crate at night and when you are not home. When letting him out of the crate, take him outside IMMEDIATELY and if he doesn't "go" put him back in the crate. Make sure the crate is big enough for him, but not big enough for him to "make himself at home" on one side and sleep on the other. Feed at certain times only and take out immediately. And keep a very CLOSE eye on him at all times when out of the crate-not just for potty, but for chewing too! You will SOON learn what to look for when he is up to no good!

    Guess that wasn't very short, but hopefully helpful! I'm happy to answer any questions! Good Luck and Congrats!

  2. Soooo cute!

    And, good luck. :)

  3. My advice...good luck with that!!

    haha -- just kidding!

    He's very cute! I take it you didn't go with the one you took all the kids to see??

    The looks on their faces make it worth it!! Suck-ah!! :)

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  5. So cute! Duce was on the hunt for another dog for "me" for Christmas and I had to tell him that "I" didn't want another one!