Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas! We certainly are.

We started the festivities on Sunday afternoon having Christmas with Wes's Mom, Charlie Pops, Sharon and Mark (these are the people who are fostering Madi and Matthew), Savannah, Madison, and Matthew! GrandJudy always does Christmas up kids all had at least 10 gifts (or more!) to open.

Unfortunately, the pleasantries were missed by one broken-hearted little girl who came home from church complaining of a headache, went straight to her bed and fell asleep. When she awoke 2 hours later, it was to purge her stomach of all it's contents!! My Abbee girl spent the entire day in her bed sleeping and purging! She did have me sneak her an occational present when she wasn't feeling too nauseous!

On Tuesday, of course, we added little Gluteous Maximus "Max" to our family and we couldn't have asked for more excited children. They LOVE LOVE LOVE their new pet. Emma said, "I'm so excited, I feel like I need to cry!" This was festivity in itself as we all fought over who was going to get acquainted with our new friend first.

Finally, Christmas Eve rolled around and the excitement was palpable! My kids were on their very best behavior (Ahem)...ok, after a morning of CONSTANT bickering, I threatened to cancel Christmas and lock them all in their rooms...suddenly, a new spirit arose in each one...a spirit of cooperation and compatibility and eagerness to get along! Believe me, this change of attitude could not have come one moment too soon. I was ready to KILL them all...or at least mangle them horribly!

Once we had our "come to Jesus" meeting, we settled in for what proved to be the perfect Christmas eve! Sarah, Jordan, and I did some baking. Then, I had a craft for everyone to work on together. Everyone picked which piece of the nativity they wanted to make, then the crafting began!!

Sarah gave Mary and Joseph a little "bling!" And, baby Jesus is slightly jaundous but we're sending them home with a bili blanket and feel like he'll fully recover in a couple of days!

Once our CUTEST NATIVITY EVER was complete, we used it to tell the story of the greatest gift ever given. Each kid gave their versions of it (Emma was a little confused as to where Egypt fit into it all!) and then we read the story from the Bible.

After dinner, we continued our Christmas Eve tradition: opening new pajamas! Everyone looked dashing in their new duds! Once we took a few cute pics, we snuggled up to watch The Polar Express. It was over around 10:00 and the kids were nestled all snug in their beds by 10:30...asleep by 10:31!

The kids actually slept until around 7:30 this morning (with the exception of Max who apparently finds 6:30 his limit at holding his morning "makings!"). Santa didn't disappoint as everyone got exactly what they asked for!

The quote of the day (so far) is from none other than John Wesley who was overheard saying (in a low and somewhat whiney tone), "Aw, I wish I coulda got an iphone cuz ever-body else in my class gots one!"

Nothing like gratitude to make the heart full and the soul satisfied!

So, that's a recap of the Christmas celebrations here! Not that we're finished...we have my family starting tomorrow! I hope you have had a moment to pause and give thanks to the giver of all good gifts. May the rest of your day be filled with all of the joy and hope that Christmas brings! Merry Christmas to all...
...and to all a goodnight! Or at least a good nap!!

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  1. where did you get that craft?? please, please, please don't tell me you made it up!!! what a great post!! loved you!