Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Wes!

In honor of Wes' big day, here are a few of the many reasons I love him (in no particular order)!
1. He thought he was a year older than he actually is today...what a great birthday present, to realize you're a year younger than you thought you were!!
2. He puts up with all kinds of smack from my family...and usually does it with a big cheesy grin on his face!
3. He thinks before speaking.
4. He is the most generous person I know...which is saying a lot because he is also the biggest tight-wad I know! But when there is someone with a need, he doesn't even hesitate; he figures out a way he can help and then helps.
5. His idea of a hunting trip is grocery shopping at Albertsons and baggin' some serious ketchup on a 10 for 10 deal!
6. He treats our daughters the way my Daddy treated me.
7. He can fix ANYTHING...another way he is just like my dad.
8. He has some seriously gorgeous dimples.
9. He knows that when I'm sick, the best thing he can do for me is take the kids far far away...and he always does just that!
10. There are no pretenses with Wes. He is what he is and is unashamedly so.
11. He offers me perspective in the moments I need it the most.
12. He took me to Hawaii! (among other great places!!)
13. He likes my hair au natural...which in English means he likes it in a form that is reminiscent of 1985...think perm with lots of crunchy mousse...only, with me, it's not a perm! He's the only one who likes my hair this way; but, I like the way he's in love with a style decade that I am praying stays buried forever!
14. He considers others better than himself. He really does.
15. He makes friends with misfits and sees the good in people.
16. He gives the BEST back rubs.
17. He has elf ears.
18. He laughs when I impersonate him!
19. He knows that Dr. Pepper and chocolate will right almost any wrong.
20. He chooses his restaurant options based on happy hour prices!
21. His laugh. It's funny.
22. He needs to know details. (ok, I'm lying...this one actually drives me crazy!)
23. He is a DARN GOOD COOK. slow. but, good!
24. He has made chopping vegetables an art form.
25. He makes us breakfast on Saturday mornings.
26. He is a great dad.
27. He handles bedtime.
28. He never meets a stranger.
29. He wears earplugs everywhere. He once put them in his ears at church during the music. I. wanted. to. die. (But, you gotta love it!)
30. He makes me a better me...except for the days he drives me crazy...but we'll save that list for another post!!

So, happy birthday Wesley. Thanks for sharing life with me through the good, the bad, and the ugly! I love you.

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  1. He makes you a better you especially on the days that he drives you crazy!!!