Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Miss Big Britches is one year older!

Today, my first born child turned 12. Which is odd since she's been 18 for the last year and a half! This girl is one big bundle of genius attitude! Unfortunately, I find her smart mouth humorous (except for the times I absolutely don't)! And she learned the basics of being a sarcastic snot from me so I can't really hammer her too badly...unless, of course I'm willing to surrender my own smart mouth. Which, I'm not!

All that to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!! I cannot believe she's 12. It seems impossible. I look at her and no longer see my thumb-sucking, chubby-cheeked little spit fire. I now see a young lady who's traded in the princess dresses and tiaras for huge earrings and side-swooped bangs. I look at her and am reminded that I only get her for a brief moment in time. And, my moment is fading quickly.

Just this week she and I had a conversation about her desire to befriend someone whom she feels "really just needs a friend." As much as the mom freak in me wants to keep her in my comfort zone of mother-approved friends, all of my superb motherly advice faltered when she told me that she may be the one who helps this friend see Jesus. OUCH. I had tried to convince her she needed to stay as far away from this girl as possible. And she persistantly showed me that I was wrong. And, I was.

So, happy birthday, Jordan! I'm so very proud of you! Thanks for standing up for what's right and loving those who need it most! I love you deeply. May you have the best year yet!

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