Friday, January 16, 2009

Bloggin' it...Deneise Style! in an effort to catch up on all the wonderment that is my life... that no one has been on the edge of their seat waiting for...I thought I'd kick it "D Style" by putting everything noteworthy into one long and completely random post! (although I suppose that it's "D Style with a twist" since she actually blogs 14 different posts all at the same time!)

So, first, let me be the LAST to wish you "Happy New Year!" James, Leigh, and GG came over for dinner, Rock Band, and some Scrabble Scramble fun. (A game in which I kicked butt with a killer word that had I blogged about sooner, I would actually remember...and I love to brag when I kick butt too!) We had a great time just hangin' out with the fam... This is our New Year's eve shot (sans J-dub as he was already asleep) taken around 10-ish! Being the crazy party animals that we are, we were all tucked in tight by 10:30 PM.

New Year's Eve was also the first time that Little G met Max. She was much, much more excited about the introduction than Max. Or, at least that's what I gathered from the way he would duck his tail and run any time she got within a five yard radius! I'm sure he'll warm soon as she learns that she can't carry him around by his neck

This face is priceless! I don't think she quite understands the dynamic of their relationship!
Oh, and backing up a bit...HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRODY!!

I could eat him up (that is, if his slobbery icing face didn't totally gross me out!)!

Upward 2009 is underway and with 4 kiddos suiting up, that means we are giving up the next 7 Saturdays of our lives! Not that we mind since it's for Jesus and all. The first round of games started last Saturday and JW was beyond excited! Finally, he could participate instead of sitting on the sidelines sulking (not because he wasn't playing but because he had somehow managed to get himself into trouble punishable by having to be connected to Wes for the remainder of the time we were at the gym...but that was then!) When I tried to take an action shot (and I use the word action quite loosely), he would stop what he was doing and look and me and smile! Although Jordan and Abbee are also playing, I didn't manage to snap one shot of either of them!

Last Sunday, Glory celebrated her 2nd birthday! I spent at least six months on Saturday decorating a Stawberry Shortcake cake just for her. But, this face made it TOTALLY WORTH IT!

And finally, Emma just saw this picture... and said, "I sure miss that girl!" The reason? Wes, JP, Abster, and Sarah are snowskiing in Colorado!! They've been gone since Tuesday afternoon. This was Abbee's first snowskiing adventure and according to her, she's "living the dream!!" Wes has been constantly texting and emailing me pictures but I believe I'll give that adventure it's own post as this post has gotten quite lengthy!!

So, if you're still with me, thanks for hangin' in there. It is now safe to proceed with your life!


  1. I'd have to agree with Emma-I miss that girl too! School is definitely not the same without her, but I'm sure she is in her element!

  2. lovelovelove your new header and background. Thanks for posting those sweet pics of glory and max. I love them.