Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Parenting Failures

Remember this post where my daughter was brain washed into wearing something absolutely repulsive and completely offensive?

Well, at the softball tournament, IN WACO, she dawned it again. (Actually, she dawns it quite frequently now that I think about it!) Anyway, she was walking into the tournament, when one of the ladies working the ticket counter commented on her "awesome shirt."

Later, as we were leaving the ball park, the sweet lady gave Abbee this:

You do your best as parents to raise your children in a way that enables them to make wise choices when you are not around to make them for them. You try and teach them good from evil in hopes that one day, they will stand for what is right. But, even with your best efforts, sometimes, on the way home from Waco, as your are following Wes and Abbee, you notice a little yellow flag flapping outside of the passenger side window!

Note to Emily: If Abbee ends up attending Baylor, YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!!


  1. Yay Abbee!! I love it! :) Did you guys go see the bears while you were there?

  2. i'm calling CPS!!!