Sunday, August 30, 2009

Black Paint is my Favorite

Yesterday, I officially sanded eight chairs, one table, two desks, and eight drawers (which I'm counting separately from the desks!).

This would be the hardware I removed from Abbee and Emma's desk!
And, look at the sweet note the last owner left for me...

When I started hauling out the dining chairs, Wes said (in a way that only he can), "ARE YOU KIDDING ME???" Just because I asked him to help me paint the desks doesn't mean I can't save him some time in the long run and bring out EVERYTHING I've been wanting to paint for the last three years but haven't gotten around to...right?
So, he painted until dark last night, came home from church today, and painted some more.

I am happy to report that almost everything in my house is now officially painted black thanks to Wes. Well, and my mad sanding skilz!! (Does skilz have one L or 2?)

Tomorrow, we start school! Tonight, we have bed time. I love bed time. Almost as much as I love black paint. Almost.


  1. You really don't do anything half-ass do you? Can I say half-ass on your blog?

  2. oooohhh...stacey...i'm telling Jesus you said that!!!