Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Emma Had Gas

Unfortunately, our "field trip" to the dentist's office last week resulted in another today! Emma had a cavity in need of a filling (a first for Emma!); so, I loaded up the crew and spent some time at the dentist's office again this afternoon.

She has been greatly concerned about this appointment, interviewing everyone she knows to get the 4-1-1 on what is involved in having a tooth filled with the most important question being: IS IT GONNA HURT?!!??

Sasha was the first to tell her that it would require a shot. Thanks, Sasha! (Darn nursing students being so honest about medical procedures!!)

Then, Emma turned to her Aunt Leigh to investigate further. Aunt Leigh took the kinder, gentler approach saying indeed there was a shot involved but she would hardly feel it.

Jordan, who has never had a filling herself, described the length of the needle as Emma's eyeballs bugged almost completely out of their sockets!

With all of the research in, the little princess had a little trouble sleeping last night! The first words she uttered this morning were, "Mom, what time are you taking me to the dentist?"

Dr. Granger was kind enough to give her some laughing gas to help her relax. After a completely non-eventful run-of-the-mill filling, here are Emma's post-procedural thoughts: "It was cool. But, it tastes weird."

I can honestly say having had almost every molar in my mouth filled before my 18th birthday that I would NEVER use the word cool to describe anything associated with dentistry. That gas must be some good stuff!

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  1. i think that kind of gas should be available for all sorts of situations...going to sporting events, paying bills, long, boring meetings...