Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Third Times a Charm

The first time we planned a trip to Chicago, we got the flu! The second time, we had to cancel due to circumstances outside of anyone's control. For a brief moment, when the captain of the plane said we were going to have to return to the gate due to an issue with the hydraulics, we thought our hopes of seeing Chicago were to be dashed once again! But, thankfully, the problem was corrected and, this weekend, we FINALLY found ourselves in the beautiful, windy, FREEZING COLD city of CHICAGO!!!

It took us one plane ride, two train rides, a couple of Williams' vehicles and a total of eight hours to reach our destination! The trip from the airport to the Williams' home included my very first experience with public transportation...very intriguing. I wouldn't recommend your first experience to involve four children AND luggage unless absolutely necessary! We almost didn't pull JW off the first train in time. Once off, he also meandered a little too close to the MOVING train for my comfort. Never even phased him!

Friday evening we were able to relax and catch up with the Williams/Alexander clans. Then, on Saturday, we re-boarded our Metra train into the city to take in the amazing sights.

First stop: the bean!

One thing I LOVE about the city of Chicago is the way the older architecture blends beautifully with the modern architecture. Unless my Roman numerology is mistaken, this library was founded in 1872 (that would be 100 years before I was founded!).
Look how it blends in perfectly with the surrounding skyscrapers.

A GIANORMOUS American Gothic...along with some shrimpy little punks!

This is the Wrigley building:

We ate an AMAZING lunch at either Geno's or Gino's...can't exactly remember! But, I was still thinking about that pepperoni pizza pie when I woke up Monday morning...yummo! That mirror behind the kids was clean when we arrived. It's an establishment where graffiti is welcome. Keeps the kids entertained for sure!

From here, the pictures are completely out of order, but I am too lazy to rearrange them!

This is the water tower. According to Mr. Alexander, this is the only building downtown that survived the great Chicago fire. He had told JW to look for it, so from the moment we arrived downtown, JW would point at every building and ask, "Is that the water tower?" We did finally arrive at the water tower...and it is quite charming for a water tower!
This was the best smelling stop we made!
The John Hancock building:
Wes and Ryan made sure we were well stocked on snacks for the train rides to and from the city. These two lovelies not only stuck the Bugles up their noses, they then proceeded to eat them. In my best Chicago accent...GEG!

Emma and "The Lou" (Lexie's new self appointed title) each had disposable cameras. We made plenty of photo op stops. Here, Em is taking a picture of her favorite American Girl Doll...
...Josefina (in case you were wondering!).
For the record...I had on cuddle duds, yoga pants, jeans, a long sleeved shirt, a sweater, a hoodie, a coat, long socks, boots, a scarf, two pair of gloves, and a tabaggon. I WAS STILL COLD!!!

Thanks, Williams family, for letting us bombard your lives for the weekend and for showing us the sights. We had the BEST time...can't wait to come back!

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