Saturday, December 26, 2009

We are Snow Talented

Because typically Texas snow doesn't stick around for two days, building a snowman usually involves braving the elements, freezing your tushy off, and a nasty case of frostbite...none of which I particularly enjoy! So imagine how much fun it was to build this snow family in the nice warm sunshine TWO DAYS after the snow actually fell!
He's hard to see, but our snow-family comes complete with Max the Snowdog!
We robbed several neighbors of their snow in order to have a large enough supply!
Here, Wes is rolling it off of the street!
We even hauled some in using our special snow-hauling equipment!!

Uncanny really, the resemblance?

Being the lovely redneck family that we are, we put latex gloves over our mittens to protect our fingers from the wet, cold snow! Pretty ingenious really. My fingers were nice and toasty!
Here are almost all of the workers enjoying the fruits of their labor! (Since I was still in my jammies, I opted to stay out of all photos! I'm trying to break the world record for most consecutive days in pajamas! I'm on day four!)We had a fabulous time building and accessorizing our snow family. I'm sure they will be melting before dinner since it's now 45 degrees outside, but hopefully, the memories will last much longer than my record for the most consecutive days in pajamas! A girl can dream right?


  1. wow! 4 days...u are amazing!

  2. I'm impressed! I think the latex gloves idea is absolutely brilliant!!!