Thursday, March 11, 2010

Belated Christmas Post (Part 1)

We hosted the Gilbert family Christmas gathering this year which is code for there were TWENTY NINE people in my house at one time! That's a lot of peeps!

Not to mention the canines.

Nani brought her dogs along. They were dressed in Santa skirts. I always knew that one size fits all thing was a scam!!
Here's James working the Snuggie!

Emma and Maddie...two peas in a pod those two!

One would think I could get a better shot of Nani, but no. This is it!Goobers one, two, and three...also known as Charlee, Abbee, and Maggie!

Kelly, Britt, and JP...Charlyn and Leigh...
Jake, Heather, and Sarah...
Trampus is doing his Leigh "impersonation!" She was 8 months pregnant at the time! He cracks himself up!
Jen and Joe...
Trampus and Misty...
If you look ever so closely, there is an ENTIRE BOTTLE of frog food floating on top of the aquarium water! These two were extremely sneaky! They were into everything!!
But, who can get upset at this face?
Or this one?
This is Gracie. She's wearing all of her headbands at the same time!
Jordan finally got her snuggie!

I had 15 different takes of this one photo. Guess how many had everyone looking at the camera. That would be zero! Of course, there are 20 people in this picture.
It was definitely chaotic, but we had a fabulous time! Who's hosting Christmas next year? Not it! (Just kidding. Sort of.)


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