Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Unexpected Fun

Last night, I made the costly mistake of drinking too much Dr. Pepper too late in the evening only to find myself so tired but unable to go to sleep! This err cost me this morning when I couldn't drag my butt out of bed. In fact, Emma finally crawled into my bed around 8:00 am to see if I had any plans of waking up today!!

Reluctantly, I did finally get up. After breakfast and Bible, I was coercing my kids into opening their school books when our doorbell rang. The kids (who always welcome an interruption from school...even if we haven't even started yet) ran to the door and exclaimed, "MRS. STACEY IS HERE!!!"

Sure enough, we were busted! It was 9:30 and not one school book had been opened!

She offered to take any and all willing kids to the library to do school today, which left me with the oh so difficult job of hanging out with these guys...

This girl is precious. Simply precious.

Geb would come to me every 10 to 15 minutes and say, "Mrs. Shellee, I want Diego." Seriously. Like a broken record! I would convince him to play outside and he would reluctantly agree for about 10-15 minutes when he would return to say, "Mrs. Shellee, I want Diego."

Finally, after many many failed attempts, he came into the house with a face that would make Hitler's heart melt and said, "Mrs. Shellee, I NEED Diego!!"

I love that kid!

Here, he was playing "Hide and Seek" with me! He "hid" under the throw pillows every single time! So CUTE!!

These two are a dream team when it comes to kid swaps. They never made a peep, staying outside the whole time and completely entertaining each other without any conflict. I felt a little guilty about how easy my day was turning out to be!

I found them on the trampoline making all kinds of strange sword-fighting noises...until they discovered me and my camera!

So, the moral of this story seems to be: drink too much, stay up too late, sleep in, and procrastinate. With any luck, you might just have the easiest day ever!

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