Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Go Philippines!!!

Way back in the fall, when we were signing all the girls up for basketball, I made a deal with JW. I told him that if he wouldn't play basketball, we would sign him up for baseball in the spring. He replied with a hardy, "BASEBALL?!! I've been wanting to play baseball my WHOLE LIFE!"

We had a deal!

At the beginning of spring, as promised, we signed him up!

His baseball career started out on a high when he discovered he would be playing with one of his best friends! Returning from his first practice, he ran into the house and announced he was on "THE PHILIPPINES" with Luke!

From there, things might have gone downhill a touch!

He returned from practice two sporting a shiner (as in a black eye, not as in a bock!). Apparently, catching a pop fly is not as easy as it looks!
The first scrimmage, JW (being an expert in ALL THINGS), picked up a grounder at right field, and wouldn't throw it infield because the pitcher wasn't where JW thought he should be. He stood with the ball, yelling orders and waving for the obviously amateur pitcher to MOVE BACK! (This was his very first time on an actual playing field and he was already coaching!!)

When it came time for him to bat, he was first up in the new inning. He walked out to the batter's box, got into his superb batting stance, and stood. ready. for about five minutes. Unfortunately, there was NO ONE ELSE ON THE FIELD!!! It was quite humorous!

Once the regular season got started, the Philippines (AKA the Phillies) were a little rusty. Most of our games started okay, then we overthrew ourselves into a 10 point deficit, and often rallied in the last inning to come up a couple of points shy!

JW, although unbeknownst to him, had a little trouble with his batting. And, also with his catching. And, sometimes his throwing wasn't quite on target!

Last night, however, that was all about to change.

(Disclaimer: The remainder of this post is mostly hearsay, as I opted to stay home from the game for a little peace and quiet. Certain people chided me and told me I was a terrible mother, but I found comfort in the fact that at least I was a terrible mother who could enjoy her Reese's cup while watching Biggest Loser and enjoying some PEACE AND QUIET! Not to mention the PEACE AND QUIET part!)

According to my sources, while I was at home enjoying some uninterrupted must see T.V., John Wesley got his first hit! Apparently, a hit so sweet, he ran all the way to second base. I believe in baseball lingo, they call that a DOUBLE! (Someone might have interrupted my peace and quiet at this point with a phone call that may or may not have evoked the slightest tinge of guilt that I had opted out of the game!)

To make matters worse, the "Philippines" had their best game ever, taking their first win with JW throwing the last batter of the game out at first. (At this point, my phone may or may not have rang again. Although the house was still quiet, my inner peace was now being upset!)

And, just to ensure that I am completely out of the running for Mother of the Year, John Wesley took home the GAME BALL!!


Here he is in all of his baseball glory!

So, as I was at home sitting on the couch and dreaming of a place where I could eat Reese's cups and drink Dr. Pepper and never end up on the Biggest Loser, JW was having the game of his life! Which, I believe, officially makes ME the biggest loser.

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