Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hanging Out with Alex

A couple of weekends ago, I somehow managed to get rid of Abbee, Emma, and JW in exchange for Alex!

Two words: even. exchange. (ahem) I didn't feel guilty at all!!

Alex and JP have always had a special friendship and I really enjoyed watching and listening to the two of them interact all day. They are at complete opposite ends of the talkative spectrum, and JP would just gabber dramatically and incessantly while Alex pretended to listen and care! Occasionally, he would look at me as if to ask, "Does she ever shut up?"

I told him just to nod every now and then, and throw in a random, "O.K." It seemed to work out for him!

After JP and I dragged him around to several re-sale shops (including his first trip to Goodwill!), Target, and (the only store that saved the friendship) Academy, we came home to hang out. The weather was nasty, but these two convinced me to let them play outside in the rain. Something I would have NEVER allowed if all of the kids had been home!! (I have a strong aversion to unnecessary laundry.)

I was trying to capture some candid shots on the stealth, but Alex noticed me right away!
He then tried his hardest to avoid looking at the camera the remainder of the time!
The Drama Queen, however, didn't mind a bit!
I threw this one in just because I feel it totally captures my photography skills.
I'm not sure about Alex, but JP and I had a super time! And, any time I can get a one for three deal, I'm in!

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  1. Love the headless Jordan pic!!

    Thanks for letting him hang out ... and introducing him to Goodwill!! :)