Monday, June 28, 2010

Home-Made Stationery

Before school was out, I gave the kids a special crafty art assignment. Knowing that everyone loves to paint, we used watercolor pencils to create cards. Their assignment was simple, to use something in nature to create a card for someone. Abbee had to be given the very specific, "That means NO TEXAS A&M!"

It's not that I don't love all things A&M related! It's just that EVERY SINGLE TIME she has an art assignment, she draws some rendition of the "aTm" and writes "gig 'em" on it! I was only trying to push her outside of her comfort zone! She decided to paint a snake. Look closely ...
And, yes, she ended up with a "Gig 'Em" card too!! I'm a pushover!

JW followed are his masterpieces:
Emma (aka "the perfectionist") only finished one because her first card wasn't perfect, so it got filed in the "G" file! But, isn't her ladybug adorable?
JP's cards turned out super cute too!
The best part is, we actually sent them to people and used them for birthday cards!

If you're looking for a fun indoor summer activity, grab some watercolors and permanent markers and try your hand at some stationery!

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  1. just catching up on blogs and cracked up at the gig 'em snake! yall did a great job on your cards. missed you yesterday.