Saturday, June 26, 2010

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Yesterday, Wesley, JP, and Emma left the house around 10:00 to head to the airport. They were on a mission to travel to a distant land and bring back some precious cargo! Unfortunately, they ended up flying to Little Rock just to sit in the airport a couple of hours before getting the news that they weren't going to make their connecting flight and could either spend the night in the airport or hop a flight back home. Choosing the latter, they arrived home around 6:00 last night with their tails between their legs, their spirits dampened, and their cargo unclaimed!

My favorite quote was from Abbee who upon hearing how sad Emma was that their airplane travels had gotten them nowhere said, "You think you're sad? I had dreams of sleeping in Mom's bed tonight!"

This morning, they (and by they I mean JP and Emma) woke with excitement to once again try their hands at bringing home the loot! Although it wasn't without it's own set of snafus, I am happy to report that today...MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

They are in the friendly skies right now headed home with these two precious girls!! YAY!

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