Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday Night Fun

Friday night, two little sweeties came over to hang out with us for the evening! The kids had a ton of fun playing and "babysitting" their cousins, then we finished the evening vegging out with a couple of movies. When Daylee got ready for bed, I got to snuggle her to sleep. I LOVE SNUGGLING WITH SWEET BABY GIRLSEmma snapped a few shots with my are her results! I think she may be a budding photographer!
Leigh didn't come to pick up the girls until almost 1:00 AM, so I told her she could just leave Glory for the night. Saturday morning, Glory said, "LeeLee, my momma forgot to come back and get me so I got to spend the night!"

It was a fabulous start to an AWESOME weekend!


  1. thanks again for letting them hang out! They sure love their leelee!

  2. very cute pics!!

    I love that you're blogging so often ... very inspiring!!! :)