Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Lesson in Creativity

The assignment? To create an animal that does not exist and write a paragraph describing the animal, its habitat, its diet, and the uses of its unique features. Emma gave her creature...THE PUPAL... really BIG EYES because it is nocturnal! Good thinking, Em!
JP definitely won the award for the most unique looking creature...THE WOODLE! Her paper was quite humorous as well. I'm not sure you get bonus points for humor in public school, but you certainly do here!!
Abbee's creature...the PLATIGATOR.... looked an awful lot like a crocodile, but she assured me I was overlooking its platypus beak, and beaver tail! Sounds more like a hybrid than an original! She too received bonus points for a really funny paper!
It took him awhile to work out an original idea, but eventually, he came up with a pretty cool creature!
It's amazing how play dough can STILL capture and hold the attention of even the most "mature" students. I will be working it into the assignments more often!

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