Monday, September 13, 2010

Man Camp

This summer, I sent JW to camp.

He got to get away from the house of progesterone and hang out with his Uncle Trampus (who happens to think JW is pretty awesome) for an entire week.

With much trepidation, I packed his oldest, most-stained clothes and labeled EVERYTHING (knowing much of it would not be coming back).

Because none of my kids went to camp when they were seven, (and when they finally did go to camp, I was there with them) I tried to talk to Trampus about my reservations regarding sending my seven year old, mothered by four sisters and one mom baby off to camp ALONE!

He needs lots of sleep. He has never had to keep up with his things. He is irresponsible. He gets really emotional without enough sleep. He doesn't really like to follow rules. He just can't function without enough sleep. He has a tendency to wander off into the great unknown. He will need a nap. He needs me. He cannot live without me!

Trampus was very understanding.

I believe he said something like, "This is man camp! He'll either die or I'll toughen him up!"


That's exactly what I was hoping!

Anyway, he went. I worried. And, miraculously, he came back alive!

When he got home, there were a few things in his bag that didn't belong to him, like almost EVERYTHING! I'm pretty sure the owner of these clothes is now going to school naked! I'm also sure his mother is very happy that she sent him to camp with his nice stuff and he came back with an old stained wardrobe complete with the initials "J.W." written inside!

Here are some highlights I received via text message while he was off being manned up:

Day 1:
  • He fell asleep sitting in the car BEFORE they even got to camp!
  • It was 10:30 a.m.
  • He got into a wrestling match at the pool, throwing out a couple of verbal taunts!

Day 2:
  • He asked Trampus why he had to get up at 7:00!
  • He enjoyed free snow cones.
  • He had a brain freeze.
  • He wondered what it would be like to have an ear freeze.
  • He fell asleep during Bible Study.
  • He asked if he could swim after dinner.
  • Trampus told him no because they had to go to church.
  • He replied, "AWWW maaaaan!"

Day 3:
  • He asked Uncle Trampus if he could call me.
  • Uncle Trampus told him no. "This is man camp!"
  • He replied, "AWW maaaaan!"
  • He punched a kid IN THE EYE.
  • Trampus asked him if he punched the kid in the eye.
  • He replied, "I didn't feel anything."
  • Trampus asked him if he punched at the kid.
  • He replied, "Yes, but I didn't feel it."

Day 4:
  • Another camper was scared to go on the "mission" into the woods in the middle of the night.
  • JW told him, "Oh, come on! BE A MAN!!!"
  • Eric (a camp staffer) asked, "Who wants a dog tag?"
  • JW replied, "ME!"
  • Eric gave him a dog tag.
  • He asked, "Is it for my dog?"

Day 5:
  • He went home with Uncle Trampus.
  • They watched a movie.
  • The movie was skipping.
  • He got up, stood in front of the TV and jumped three times.
  • He knocked on the screen.
  • The movie stopped skipping.
  • He now thinks he is a genius!!
Unfortunately, man camp didn't man JW up quite as much as we might have hoped! Stay tuned for proof!!

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