Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Red River, NM-Day 3

We spent our last full day in Red River hiking up to the top of the ski lift! It took us 2 1/2 hours and several detours that included hiking UP black diamond ski trails.

When we hiked this same trail six years ago, Sarah (then 15 years old) kept sitting down and crying that she couldn't make it! She has not been able to live that moment down! This trip, we took bets on whose tears would fall first. The wagers were split between JW and Emma. But, it was Emma who finally took Sarah's tears of shame from her! Emma sobbed her way STRAIGHT up the last half mile!

After successfully making it to the top, we were able to ride the ski lift back down. Emma was afraid to ride down because she noticed the ski lift had no seat belts! She insisted on riding with me and she would not let go of the front bar the ENTIRE TIME! She also struggled with the fact that I was taking pictures! (I was using her camera, and she was certain I was going to drop it!) She did eventually relax enough to enjoy the ride to the bottom.
That pretty much wraps up the Red River sights! The day after the hike, we headed for Sipapu, New Mexico, where we spent the rest of our week fishing, hiking, playing, and relaxing! So, yeah, pretty much the same things we did in Red River!

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