Sunday, October 03, 2010

Don't Go Chasin' Waterfalls

Our last day in Sipapu, we hiked a trail that led to a small waterfall. It was our seventh day away from home, it was lunch time, and the kids were not that excited about going on a hike; but, since the parents of this operation are slightly on the stubborn side, we went anyway!
With emotions frazzled and energy long spent, it only took a simple splash of water into Emma's face to cause what I like to refer to as the MAJOR VACATION MELTDOWN OF 2010!!

I begged her to suck it up for my picture. It was, after all, just WATER. The camera battery was low, and my moment was fleeting.

She was very cooperative!

But the tears weren't the worst part of the meltdown! As the physical exertion got tougher, everyone got hungrier, and she arrived at the end of her rope long before we arrived at the end of the trail, another meltdown ensued that may or may not have involved gasping for air and writhing on the ground, begging Wes to return the cabin!

Unfortunately for Emma, her parents really are THAT stubborn!

We kept hiking!
Eventually, we did decide that we had all had enough, and turned around to head back down the trail. Emma had what I like to call THE MIRACULOUS RECOVERY OF VACATION 2010! Her heart and her lungs began to function properly, and I dare say she skipped, yes skipped down that mountain trail!

If only my camera battery had held on, I would have evidence!

While the company was not as peaceful as the scenery, if nothing else, I took some pretty cool pictures for posterity. And, lucky for Sarah, Emma gave us new material for tortuous vacation recaps that can never ever be lived down!

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