Monday, October 04, 2010

Ottoman Gone WILD!

When I went home at the beginning of the summer, I helped my mom clean out some stuff. Among that stuff was a small yellow vinyl ottoman that I remember always being in my Me-Me's house! As far back as I can remember, that little yellow ottoman sat in Me-Me's living room. It has had its share of wear for sure, being used by kids, grandkids, and even great grandkids!

I knew it had a little life left in it, so I asked my mom if I could take it. I had a little something wilder in mind for the beat up footstool, and I knew a teenager who would love to have it in her brightly decorated room!


I added a thick piece of foam to the top, then covered the whole thing with batting to make it "squishy-er" (as Abbee put it!)!
Once it was prepped, I just used the top of the ottoman to trace a circle on the backside of my fabric. I cut the circle about a 1/2" outside the line, then measured the circumference of the top (see, you DO use geometry in real life!) to figure out what length to cut the outside piece.

I sewed the circle piece to the side piece, then slipped over the top and stapled it to the bottom! Easy peasy!
I think Me-Me would be happy with the results! I love that this ottoman might be something that my kids will someday pass on to their kids (I mean with future re-coverings, of course!). I KNOW Me-Me would be happy about that!


  1. looks great! easy for YOU...

  2. hopefully Me-Me won't be hacked off you didn't recover the ottoman for her years ago!! :)