Tuesday, October 19, 2010

FUNtastic Weekend

Friday night, we met my sister and her family in East Texas for some Friday night lights! Had I remembered my camera, I wouldn't have needed to steal a picture off of Ryan's Facebook page from LAST YEAR! Also, if Wes would get ME an iphone too, I wouldn't need to be able to remember my camera. But, whatever. I'm not the least bit bitter!

JW has never been to a football game (I know. It's a crime against humanity.) and at some point during the first quarter I glanced down to see if he was enjoying himself. I completely caught him mimicking the moves of the CHEERLEADERS!

That boy needs a brother.

Both Ryan and Andrew had a great game, and thankfully, they won 47 to 20 so I didn't have to have any kind of cardiac infarction.

We spent Saturday and Sunday hanging out and enjoying a little country life including, but not limited to, a huge bonfire in the yard that was SO HOT you couldn't stand close enough to roast your marshmallows. Sadness. Complete and utter sadness!

The kids always enjoy seeing their cousins and the time always passes much too quickly! I hope to head back in the next couple of weeks to catch at least one more ball game before Ryan graduates.


Maybe I'll remember my camera.

Or have an iphone.



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