Monday, November 01, 2010

Frightful Friday Festivities

In an effort to make the frightful, fun-filled festivities last FOREVER, we began our celebration of the candy consumption on Friday afternoon by carving some wickedly frightful jack-o-lanterns!

Every year is the same. The kids each choose their intricately detailed pattern, then get tired before they have even finished transferring the pattern. After which, they leave while Leigh and I sit for a couple of hours determined to finish only to hear the kids tell the neighbors, "That one is mine!"

Clearly, what they mean by mine is "this is the pumpkin I have chosen as the torture devise this year!"

Leigh and I stayed focused and finished each jack with amazing precision and attention to detail! After all, isn't that the true meaning of Halloween? Oh, wait. I forgot the true meaning is scary and demonic!

True meaning or not, here are the glowing jacks in all of their glory!


  1. well done, ladies!!

  2. Your pumpkins turned out great! My daughter wants to do a Minny Mouse one next year now. Guess I should look for the template now. lol

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