Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Spooktacular Saturday

Our friends, the McKees, threw an AMAZING Halloween party on Saturday! The decorations were adorable, the food was both yummy AND well presented, and the activities were loads of fun!

Sadly, many of the guests cancelled at the last minute and were unable to enjoy this amazing night! Thankfully, our clan plus the McKees are enough to feel like a party regardless, so all of Stacey's hardwork did not go unappreciated!
Stacey not only planned the great food, the fun games, and the spooky decorations, she also made all of her family's costumes!
All of the kids were pirates, skeletons, and gypsies except....GINGY!!
Abbee fit in much better when Glory the "bakemaker" showed up!

My camera battery died before I could capture all of the great games Stacey had planned for the kids. There was "Pin the Spider on the Web, " a scavenger hunt, bobbing for apples (DOUBLE GROSS), and a hayless hayride!

Between the food, the fun, and the friends, this was a perfect party! Thanks, McKees, for hosting! We all had a spooktacular time!


  1. love those pics! you're gonna need to teach me how to make those picture boxes. sorry we missed the festivities!!!

  2. so sad we couldn't make it...hate to miss bloody fingers!!