Thursday, January 13, 2011

Evolution of a Gallery Wall

Whenever I'm hanging a lot of photos (or anything for that matter), I always arrange them on the floor first to figure out the arrangement that looks best. Then, I snap a picture so mamaw can remember how I had them arranged when I finally decide on an arrangement! Here is how my gallery wall went from the floor to the wall!

1. The first attempt included a round mirror.
2. Then I tried without the mirror.
3. How about a square mirror?
4. Yes! Definitely the square mirror.
5. In order to fill up the space, I added a couple of frames, rearranged a few, and of course, no project is complete without some spray painting!

It was definitely a little bit of a process, but I am really happy with the results! Just don't ask me how many nail holes are in my wall!


  1. Very nice, Shellee!!

    When deciding where to put pictures I like to lean them up against the wall and then leave them there awhile...or 4 years!!!!! :)

  2. I love it. Nice pictures frames.

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