Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Semester Begins

One of the many things I've enjoyed about homeschooling is the ability to pace ourselves. Pacing ourselves can mean anything from doubling our lessons after having the flu to returning from Christmas break a few subjects at a time. Last week, we eased our way back into school by doing just three subjects, starting our day at 10:00 am and finishing up after lunch.

Today, we inched our way closer to a normal schedule by heading to our first day of TAFA (Travis Academy of Fine Arts). Last semester, only JP was able to take classes there, but this semester, both Abbee and Emma signed up as well. (JW passed on the only class that was still available for his age...Elementary Singers!)

This morning for the first time IN A REALLY LONG TIME, we had to get up and out of the house relatively early with all of our clothes on! The morning did not go down without its hiccups. There may or may not have been rushing around frantically printing off papers, looking for supplies, and a few tears of uncertainty. And that was just from me! :)

Actually, the morning went rather smoothly considering we aren't really accustomed to waking in time to catch the worm. As far as I know, we all arrived completely dressed and fully prepared!

This semester, Jordan is in two different TAFA choirs, Abbee is learning to play the guitar, and our little drama queen is right at home in her drama class! They each survived their first day jitters and are excited about the prospects of learning new things.

As for me, I somehow survived being all cooped up in my blue jeans with my hair washed and my make-up on, and have happily returned to my cozy chair in front of my warm fire wearing my favorite pajamas!

I'm pacing myself, people!

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