Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Dear June, Where did you go?

Although the cobwebs and dust that have accumulated on ye ol' blog might indicate otherwise, June blew past in a whirlwind of busy, and I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the fact that July is here.

I sat down this morning thinking that I would catch up on a few of June's happenings only to find that my camera battery is dead.

Of course!

Perhaps at some point I will be able to reflect on all of the crazy that has been our summer thus far, but until then, I would like to bid June farewell with this picture of Emma's Fourth of July dessert:
Sadly, this would be the only picture I have of our celebration! Would anyone like to chime in on what this might say about me as a person?

I'm hoping to steal a few pictures from my favorite photographer and recap the festivities later.

Until then, if time could SLOW DOWN, I would greatly appreciate it!


  1. If June responds, will you let me know what's up? I really think I'm better at summer than I am at teaching! :)

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