Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Weekend Project: A Slip-Covered Recliner

This poor chair has been through it! It is a hand-me-down chair that Wes and I inherited when we moved into this house eight years ago!

Back in the fall, I reupholstered it for the THIRD TIME! I had no more finished the job when our sweet, sweet dog, Max, decided to "christen" it.

Also known as:
Drench it.

Soak it.


Max: a common name for...Stupid. Dog.

For longer than I care to admit, this sad little chair has sat in the corner of our room with half the upholstery ripped off, and a nice green towel in the seat cushion.

I thought about retiring it to the great landfill in the, but Wes and I use it everyday as a semi-comfy place to read or surf the net and such. Eventually I'll probably try to replace it, but for now, I needed to make it work.

So, last week, I FINALLY got around to making the chair some new clothes. This time, I just used a couple of paint drop cloths (because I already had them), and made a slip cover so I could keep the dog hair (among other dog things) washed off of it.

It's a good thing too because I finished the slip cover Sunday afternoon, and have already had to strip it off and wash it thanks to our furry little friends.

Chewy: another common name for Stupid. Dog.

So, here's the chair all slipped up:
It's actually three separate pieces that all velcro into place. Recliners are tricky...they move!

I like the relaxed look of a slip cover, and the washability. I also like that it took me about four or so hours to finish it as as opposed to an entire weekend!
I'm not in love with the way the back of the chair looks but it's a definite improvement from the towel laid over the seat look we were rockin' before!

Now, if we can just keep the stupid dogs out of our room.


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