Monday, September 05, 2011

Summer In Review

If I could summarize the summer in one word, I think that word would be:  BUSY.

I could've gone with HOT, but that would have been too predictable.  It also would have been an inadequate description because hot cannot even begin to accurately describe the miserable, extreme, unrelenting heat that summer wrought.  

So, busy it is!

I'm hoping to eventually journal about some of the fun stuff we did, but for now, I thought I'd just do a summer in review using only photos from my phone!  

1.  I caught up with Jackie Sherrill at my nephew's all-star game.  (He misses me too.)  

 2.  I went on my very first cruise with my favorite sister.  (A beach lover's dream come true!  So. FUN.)
 3.  We celebrated Emma's 10th birthday!  (My baby girl is TEN.  Where has the time gone? *SNIFFLE*)
 4.  We braved Six Flags with some of our buddies.  (Yes, we are that stupid adventurous!)
 5.  This girl moved in for a couple of weeks!  (It was like having TWO ABBEES IN THE HOUSE...never a dull moment!)
 6.  We babysat batgirl and her baby sister.
(Daylee is the real super-hero as she can completely annihilate an entire house in a single second!)
(That's MeaMea in the bottom right hand corner!  She hung out with us for a few days too!)

 7.  I slip-covered my recliner.  (I managed to blog about this here.)
 8.  We spent some quality time at the pool.  (A bag of chips and a good buddy...what more do you need?)
 9.  We made-over JP's room. (I'm pretty sure I forgot to take before shots.  I'm a loser.)
 10.  We spent some time in the windy city.
with this girl...
and this girl...
11.  My mom spent the month of August with us!  (That's her headless body in the recliner!!  It's also the only picture I had of her on my phone, so I'm going with it.)

12.  We danced in the rain.  (It was 5 1/2 minutes of pure bliss.)
 13.  We made-over Emma's room. (This is not an official picture, but again I'm using the phone only rule!)
 14.  We said goodbye to these two precious babies. (No I'm still not ready to talk about it.)

 15.  We spent a few days in Meridian. (This baby remained attached to my hip for four days.  She called me "Wee Wee."  She napped on my chest.  I cried when we left.  *SIGH*)

See?  BUSY.

All that to say, school's start has brought some much needed routine, relief, and rest!

Not to worry, basketball season starts in just a couple of weeks, and we will be cranking back out the busy. Until then, I'm going to sit and do nothing.


You want some dinner?  

You need clean clothes?  

You want to learn something?


I'm sorry, I can't hear you!

La la la la la la la.....


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