Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jordan's Solo

JP auditioned for a solo in her TAFA Christmas Showcase and got it!  She was super excited until performance day actually arrived!!

I have never seen my first born so extremely nervous!  She was sick to her stomach all day and kept saying, "Why did I think I would want to do this?"  Sadly, I thought she hadn't inherited my anxiety issues. I would have never even auditioned because the very thought of it would have made me hurl!

I offered to give her a dose of Nyquil to help her relax, but she was a little concerned she might actually slur.  

She braved the performance sans drugs (I am kidding; settle down!!), and in the very unbiased opinion of her mother, did a fine job!  (She is the second verse voice!)
Leigh bet me I would cry, but I am happy to report that I REFRAINED!!  Mostly because I had to prove Leigh WRONG!

I'm very proud of you, JP.  Sorry you inherited my severe performance anxiety.  At least you didn't break out in hives and run to the bathroom to puke.  Not that I know anyone who's ever done that.

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  1. Wow!! Go JP! I could never do that, mostly because I can't sing...but even if I could, I wouldn't be able to pull it off! :)