Friday, December 30, 2011

My Cool Stenciled Bedroom Wall

I was looking back through my pictures trying to see if I had a photo of my bedroom wall color before I painted it earlier this year. This is the only one I could find! It was taken New Year's Eve three years ago!
Much has changed since then besides, of course, the wall color of my bedroom (ok. the wall color of almost every room in my house!).

Paint colors aside.  In 2009, NONE of the girls in this photo were teenagers. Wes still had blonde hair.  I still looked relatively young.  And, Max was a cute little puppy that I actually liked!

Now, TWO of those girls are teenagers.  Wes is mostly gray.  I have crows feet and forehead lines and Max is no longer cute. Also, I no longer like him.  And it's not just because he isn't cute.

But, none of those facts have anything to do with this post.

This post is about a wall.  A really cool wall that started out the color in the above photo.  Then, was painted to look like this...
 And, now looks like this...
I first saw this design on Jones Design Company blog and loved it, so I convinced a couple of my favorite peeps to come over and help me stencil this trellis pattern onto the wall.  With one person tracing and two people painting, we worked and worked and WORKED.

It took two days of relatively steady work and cost me a couple of friends, but it is now the absolute coolest wall in the house! (I'm just kidding about the friends part.  I think.)

Hopefully, three years from now when ALL THREE GIRLS will be teenagers, I will still be enjoying this trellis wall.

That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

But let's face it, given my painting history, that's about as likely as me changing my mind about Max.


  1. This is impressive! I'd like to see it in person! :)

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