Monday, December 26, 2011

Sweet Moments

We are winding down from our week and a half long Christmas celebrations, and I have spent the majority of the day in my comfy jammies, in my comfy chair, in the comfy quiet that remains after all the family has left and all of the excitement is now a memory.

There were over 200 pictures that I uploaded from Christmas, so I thought I'd get started with just a few super sweet ones!

Daylee was checking out the Christmas tree... She might have been wondering which ornament she'd most like to break!

James was playing and singing "Oh Holy Night" and Daylee climbed up beside him and not only played, but sang along...
Here's Daylee again getting comfy on her new Minnie Mouse pillow pet...
Ok. So Daylee is involved in most of these special moments!  But, you have to admit, she's super cute!  Just look at her snuggling up to JW while he completely ignores her.  It looks sweet and innocent, but if you look closely, she's about to sneak in a tickle!
Ryan, my sister's first born, with the youngest grandchild who just happens to be Daylee...for now.  I promise she's not my favorite!! All of the cousins are so very close.  It's such a sweet sweet blessing.
 More pillow pet moments...

Leigh spent some time helping me learn to use my camera in manual mode (which is why some of my pictures are blurry, have an odd tint, are very dark, or all of the above!).  These next few are me playing around with it!

I was super excited to get some bokeh in my photos!  I've always wondered how to do that!!

And that is just a taste of the many many MANY pictures that have been taken in the last week or so!

I hope your family's Christmas celebrations were also filled with many special moments!

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