Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Just yesterday, that FIFTEEN year old on the left was the same age as that TWO year old on the right.


I just took that picture YESTERDAY!

How did this happen?!

No. really.


I love having a teenage daughter, but it also makes me so sad that my babies are all growing up SO FAST.

In honor of her special day, here are the top 15 reasons the teenage version of JP is even better than the toddler version:
1. She wipes her own bottom.
2. She no longer leaves sippy cups filled with milk in the car for who knows how long.
3. She has better taste in music... and by that I mean, we are no longer listening to Barney!
4. Her tantrums are much quieter (especially in public!).
5. She dresses herself, feeds herself, and BLOWS HER OWN NOSE.
6. She no longer spits disgusting stuff out IN MY HAND.
7. She has stopped eating dog food and crickets.
8. She talks like a grown up about grown up stuff.
9. She loves to shop and doesn't need a bribe TO NOT EMBARRASS ME in the store!
10. I'm no longer afraid to leave her alone with the scissors! or a sharpie! or HER SISTER!
11. She's no longer BITING her friends. (I hope.)
12. She appreciates a good nap as much as I do!
13. She still gives me a big hug and squeals when she's excited.
14. She still has that same great smile and beautiful blue eyes.
15. She still makes me feel blessed every single day.

Happy FIFTEENTH Birthday, JP. Watching you grow into a beautiful young lady is one of the greatest joys of my life... even if it makes me a little sad!

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