Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

No one told me when I married a man with two children that blending a family would be one of the hardest things I ever did. Not that it really mattered. I wouldn't have listened anyway!

But, blending a family was one of the hardest things I've (or rather "we've") ever done.  

However, this beautiful young lady (and I'm NOT referring to Wes) is one of the reasons it was SO WORTH EVERY MINUTE!
Please excuse Wes's cap hair!

Today, Sarah turns 23.

God has been gracious and over the years and despite the struggles, Sarah and I have become really close. She is my BONUS daughter, and I love her as my own!
Here are TWENTY-THREE lovely things I love about Sarah:
1. Sarah loves family. She works to make sure we all stay connected, and she comes by to visit even if she DOESN'T NEED ANYTHING!!
2. Sarah loves kids. She is like America's Most Wanted Nanny!
3. Sarah loves dogs. This I will never understand, but she actually thinks Max is CUTE!
4. Sarah is responsible.
5. Sarah makes me laugh.
6. Sarah and I make fun of Wes. It really annoys him!
7. Sarah likes crafting.
8. Sarah appreciates a great pair of shoes. Or, FOUR-HUNDRED GREAT PAIRS OF SHOES!!
9. Likewise, Sarah appreciates a great purse.  Or, you know, a thousand great purses!
10. Sarah LOVES to cook.
11. Sarah is an AMAZING COOK.
12. Sarah cooks for us sometimes!
13. Sarah shares my addiction to Pinterest.
14. Sarah shares my addiction to queso.
15. Sarah shares my addiction to wine! (just kidding. sort of!)
16. Sarah always has a great selection of nail polish.
17. Sarah lets the kids spend the night with her.
18. Sarah has a stellar voice. I love to hear all of the girls singing together.
19. While Sarah pierced her cartilage and her nose, she will NEVER pierce her tongue. (Right? ...Sarah? ...HELLO?)
20. Sarah has PERFECT taste in music.
21. Although Sarah is a TERRIBLE painter (if you don't believe me, check the baseboards in her former room!), she does enjoy re-arranging, re-decorating, and re-painting as much as I do! For that, I have to love her!
22. Sarah is studying to be a teacher. Sarah will be the BEST TEACHER EVER.
23. Sarah is beautiful INSIDE and out.
Sarah, I hope you have an amazing 23rd birthday. And, I hope your year just keeps getting better from there!


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