Thursday, January 19, 2012

Juice Fasting Isn't for Wimps

Well, this past weekend, Wes and I did our first three day juice fast.

Let's pause a moment and reflect on the gravity of that statement!!

Yes, for three whole days, our meals consisted of only fresh fruits and vegetables pressed through a juicer. Lots of apples, berries, greens, and other veggies were consumed and we somehow found ways to make them palatable!
This is probably the most vegetables I have ever consumed in my life. (Sad. I know!)

Here's the low-down:
1. Day one was AWFUL. I felt terrible. I had no energy, was short tempered, and WANTED SOME GRUB.
2. The taste of most green vegetable juice can be masked with a few apples.
3. Tomatoes me no likey.
4. I ate  drank chard.
5. What is chard?
6. For one meal, I pretty much made salsa! And, drank it!!
7. By day two I was feeling better, but still a little sluggish.
8. My stomach growled A. LOT.
9. I wanted to eat FOOD.
11. It's possible that I have a slight food addiction.
12. Wing-Stop tastes better than veggies!
13. I made it THREE DAYS, and I'm so glad that it's over!!
14. Wes is STILL juicing.
15. I am not.
On the positive side...
1. My skin cleared right up! I have the occasional breakout and after three days, there was not one blemish. Sadly, I'm four days out from stopping and the zits are back! (I'M NOT A TEENAGER!)
2. I typically lose A LOT of hair everyday. This might be my imagination, but adding juice seems to have significantly decreased the amount of hair I'm losing. (Sorry, Kelly, for talking about hair loss!)
3. I lost 3 whole pounds in 3 days (Wes lost 6!).
4. It's OVER. For now!

Anyone on board for the next go round??

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