Monday, January 30, 2012

On Un-Plugging...

Un-plugging is the third and final of my New Year's Resolutions! Honestly, I have so far found this one to be the hardest.

I do a lot of my preparation for school on my computer. It's also the way I stay on top of basketball practices/games (via emails from the coach) and JP's school needs (via emails from her tutor). It's also one of my hobbies!  I love reading blogs and finding inspiration on Pinterest! And, then there's this blogging gig. (Though I'm not that consistent with ye ole blog!)

While none of these things is inherently wrong, I find that if I am not careful, hours can slip away while I am enjoying the world wide web!

When I think of unplugging, this is exactly why I find it imperative.

So, I'm putting some practical parameters on my computer time in order to keep myself accountable to just how much of my time is spent on-line.

Here's what I'm thinking...
15 minutes in the morning (email)
15 minutes at lunch (email)
1 hour in the afternoon (blogs/Pinterest)
30 minutes-1 hour in the evening (depends on other obligations!)
1 day/week-no computer

I realize 2-2 1/2 hours still seems like a lot, but I'm thinking I'm currently on-line much more than that.

They are all now out there... all of my self imposed parameters and plans for keeping my New Year's Resolutions. My hope is that by putting them all in writing for someone else to see, I'll be more accountable.

As always, I'll try to be honest about how I'm doing. (If you don't care, you can skip those posts!!)

Hopefully, no one will have to pry my laptop from my cold dead fingers!


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