Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Halloween 2011-The Year of the Angry Birds

Yes I know it's February.  Why do you ask?

I have not done a great job of journaling the goings ons around these parts.  One reason: several weeks ago, my sweet dear Emma accidentally deleted ALL OF THE PHOTOS from her camera.

Guess whose camera I use almost always.

Guess whose cruise pictures were taken with Emma's camera.

Guess who had to go for a short drive after discovering that the entirety of our summer/early fall photos were gone forever.

But, I digress.

While recently looking for some other photos, I came across these super cute Halloween ones.
The older two peeps had basketball practice so I only had to make two costumes this year!  Emma really wanted to be an angry bird and she convinced JW to be the pig!

We had a great time trick or treating with these sweet friends.
And, the angry bird and pig were all smiles.


  1. The photos may not actually be lost. Try using a file recovery program such as the free programs Recuva ( or Testdisk ( Both programs are recommended by readers, with Recuva being deemed the easiest and most user-friendly of the two and Testdisk being the better choice but less user-friendly. If Recuva fails, try Testdisk.

    If it's too late to recover the files, at least you'll know what to do if it ever happens again. I hope this helps, and I hope you can recover your files.

    1. Thanks, Rosalind! I have never heard of either!! I will definitely give those a try.

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