Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Post for Dad

Today marks exactly six months since we lost dad. I can't believe that six whole months have passed without him. It seems as if life shouldn't be able to continue without him and yet, it does. I remember driving home from the hospital being so angry that the world was just continuing as normal. I wanted to scream MY DAD JUST DIED...DON'T YOU EVEN CARE? But as much as it hurt to take my next breath, my next breath just kept coming. Life continued. It has continued for six months and it just seems impossible. I often wish it would at least pause a moment and let me wrap my mind around the gravity of it all.

My dad was the main reason I kept any kind of consistency with my blog writing when I first began. He was pretty much my one loyal reader and he was a demanding one! If I let too much time pass without posting, he would call and say, "You haven't given me anything good to read lately!" Now I know what you are thinking...does she ever give us anything good to read?! But, dad wasn't too harsh of a critic. I know for a fact that he read religiously but he only posted a comment one time (I'm kind of thinking it was because he still had dial up internet...NOT FUN!). I think his comment makes my point completely!

If my dad were still here, he would love my quote of the week...which comes to us from Abbee:

"Mom, if you want our house to be spooky, that wreath is getting us NOWHERE!"

I miss you, Daddy. Your absence has left an unfillable void and, although life does indeed go on, it will never be the same!

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  1. I understand. Normal shouldn't be normal. We shouldn't be happy about gas prices or wonder what's for dinner. I think that might be the most hurtful part of does go on without them because that's how He intended it.

    Have you read 90 Minutes in Heaven? I am right now, I will bring it home for you.